Shag Classes:
There are no shag lesson classes
at this time.
Keep watching for updates.

Offered by CSA Pro dancers Steve and Jill Woodard

Beginner: 6-6:30 This is a 4 week class starting the first Tuesday of each month.  You will learn the basic, female turn, male turn and the start. First class of the month must be attended to learn the basic footwork which is the foundation of the dance.

Beginner Two: 6:30-7  This class will focus on the fundamental steps we use in shag.  Each class will focus on one step.  When you take this class, expect to learn a brand new step for about 3 months.  The steps will stay in the same rotation schedule so feel free to keep taking this class if you want to go through all of them again!

Intermediate: 7-7:45  This class will focus on combining all the fundamental steps and turns as well as footwork to create more detailed steps.  This class will be challenging but achievable after completing  beginner 2.

Lessons start the first Tuesday of each month
• Beginner   6:00- 6:30pm
• Beginner Two  6:30 -7:00pm
• Intermediate 7:00 - 7:45pm
No pre-registration required. arrive early to sign in.
$60 per couple (for the month)
$35 per single (for the month)
$10 per person (for a single week - intermediate only)


For a list of other CSC members who teach in the area, click here.